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Ribbon Installation Instructions

All of Omnilight’s low voltage products are 24VDC


The reason for this is that voltage drop occurs the moment the current has left the power supply. 24VDC allows for a more consistent lumen output over the run.

How do we know this?

At Omnilight we are dedicated to bringing our customers nothing but the absolute best. In that interest, we had one of our engineers run a comparison test between 12VDC and 24VDC ribbon.

What we found when we put it to the test.

One 16.4 foot reel of each voltage was hooked up to identical power supplies placed ten feet from the start of the ribbon and connected using 22 gauge wire (for installation purposes we recommend a heavier gauge wire). Measurements were taken at the end of the 16.4 foot reel.

●The measurement at the end of the reel shows that 24VDC experiences 1/3 of the voltage drop of the 12VDC ribbon.
●24VDC ribbon has more consistent lumen output over the run tha2 a 12VDC ribbon.
●24VDC is not only the best choice for long runs; the benefit is realized over shorter runs as well.

Ribbon Testing-min

Voltage Drop & wire guage

Max Run Length (Simple)


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