Surface, Recessed & Pendant Fixtures Available. Check Out Surface FixturesComplete Fixtures – Customized to Meet Your Specific Design Requirements

Introducing Our Newest Offering!

Omnilight has developed a line of custom fixtures to meet your specific project needs.

Choose from Surface Mounted, Recessed, or Pendant Mounted fixtures.

Quality and Performance

Our commitment to quality and performance is uncompromising. Our engineers work to develop the finest LED products available.

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Completely Custom

From cutting and soldering ribbon to building complete fixtures, we can create what you need for your project.

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Introducing the Genesis 2.0 Series with Double the Diode Power!

Our new Genesis 2.0 Series is manufactured with Dual Chip Technology for more even coverage. The LEDs are designed to be more efficient and stable than traditional LEDs.

Genesis 2.o Features Include:

  • 90+ CRI has better color for a more natural look
  • Up to 150 lumens per watt. Higher efficacy provides a more efficient, cost-effective system with higher lumen output at lower wattages
  • Dual chip technology offers more even coverage and longer lasting LEDs
  • Thicker gauge pure gold wire makes the LEDs more stable
  • 2-step MacAdam ellipse provides perfect color uniformity

The Art of Illumination

Omnilight is uncompromising when it comes to quality and performance.
Our engineers work to develop the finest LED products available.
We offer the highest efficacies and tightest binning in the industry.

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